Friday, April 2, 2010

PLEX and AXE system

PLEX (Programming Language for EXchanges) is a special-purpose, pseudo-parallel and event-driven real-time programming language. Dedicated for AXE telephone exchanges, it was developed by Göran Hemdahl at Ericsson. Originally designed in the 1970s, it has been continuously evolving since then. The language has two variants: Plex-C used for AXE Central Processors (CP) and Plex-M used for Extension Module Regional Processors (EMRP).

Clearcase Client Commands

Configure user aliases:
File: $HOME/.bashrc

alias ct=/usr/atria/bin/cleartool
alias sv='/usr/atria/bin/cleartool setview'
umask 022

File: $HOME/.cshrc

alias ct /usr/atria/bin/cleartool
alias sv '/usr/atria/bin/cleartool setview'
umask 022

alias .. 'cd ..'
alias ... 'cd ../..'

alias shw 'ct lsco -rec -me -cview /vobs/HW'
alias sst 'ct lsco -rec -me -cview /vobs/HWStage'

alias ll 'ls -alt --color=auto'
alias ct 'cleartool'
alias ctll 'ct ls'
alias ctsv '/home/xviengu/bin/'
alias ctrv 'ct rmview -tag'
alias sv 'ct setview'
alias ev 'ct endview'
alias scs 'ct setcs'
alias ccs 'ct catcs'
alias edcs 'ct edcs'
alias pwv 'ct pwv'
alias myview 'cleartool lsview | grep $USER'

cleartool lsview -long xviengu_apz15_dummy
[xviengu@seasx031 /home/xviengu]# cleartool lsview -long xviengu_apz15_dummy
Tag: xviengu_apz15_dummy
  Global path: /cc/seasna06_view11/xviengu_apz15_dummy.vws
  Server host:
  Region: ASUAB
  Active: NO
  View tag uuid:0e8a50d0.d4f111df.96e5.00:01:84:85:db:c4
View on host:
View server access path: /cc/seasna06_view11/xviengu_apz15_dummy.vws
View uuid: 0e8a50d0.d4f111df.96e5.00:01:84:85:db:c4
View owner:

cleartool rmview -vob /cc/seasna06_view11/ -uuid 0e8a50d0.d4f111df.96e5.00:01:84:85:db:c4

cleartool rmtag -view xviengu_apz15_dummy  <========== good
ct unregister -view /cc/seasna06_view11/xviengu_apz15_dummy.vws

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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Disposable email services

Guerrilla Mail: disposable e-mail addresses which expire after 15 Minutes.
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PLEX-C programming language

PLEX is an acronym for Programming Language for EXchanges and is a highlevel language developed by Ericsson in the 1970s, and extended in 1983. Programs in the AXE central processors use the Plex version Plex-C. The EMRP, which controls the subscriber stage, runs programs in Plex-M, a different dialect of Plex.

Plex is a high-level, real-time, language with very strict requirements regarding execution time.

Monday, March 29, 2010


DeviceIoControl Function: Sends a control code directly to a specified device driver, causing the corresponding device to perform the corresponding operation.

Serial: CRT debug report


Required Header: crtdbg.h

_CRT_WARN: Warnings, messages, and information that does not need immediate attention.
_CRT_ERROR: Errors, unrecoverable problems, and issues that require immediate attention.
_CRT_ASSERT: Assertion failures (asserted expressions that evaluate to FALSE).

Serial: DCB structure

DCB sructure detects the management settings for the serial port of the connection device.

The most critical phase in serial communications programming is configuring the port settings with the DCB structure.